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Gopal Norbert Klein (born January 22, 1974) is a German trauma therapist. He is also a computer science graduate (FH), an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and the author of the bestseller The Vagus Key. After certifying in a wide variety of trauma therapy methods (including NARM™ and TRE®), he developed his own method (FLOATING). Gopal specializes in dealing with developmental trauma and attachment trauma. He is internationally known and trains trauma therapists worldwide. His self-help method, Honest Sharing, is practiced by people in many parts of the world.

Here you can get your own impression of Gopal and his work. On his Youtube channel you will find more than 100 videos on the topics of psychotherapy, shock trauma, developmental trauma and attachment trauma as well as on politics, society and spirituality. You will hear amazing answers to life's important questions, such as

  * What really makes me happy?
  * How can I transform my suffering
  * What is the root cause of depression, burnout, anxiety and conflict?
  * How does meditation work?

Gopal has dealt with these issues almost his entire life and can respond to people from deep personal experiences and a wide range of training. His lectures and seminars tend to attract those who have been suffering a long time. These people are eager to understand their situation and find a solution to their problems. Gopal helps his event participants to establish direct and authentic contact with themselves and with others. Many people appreciate the clarity and directness of his approach and his work.

Gopal Norbert Klein is not a doctor and not a psychotherapist.

Gopal's detailed curriculum vitae (German) with trainings and qualifications can be found on his website

Lectures, events and seminars with Gopal (online and offline) can be found in the online calendar. Gopal speaks English and German.

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